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erin thorpe CHHP


Erin Thorpe graduated from the Winding School of Healing in 2011, and began supporting clients as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHP) thereafter.

As a highly-sensitive empath and intuitive person, Erin understands the challenges of those who feel deeply, and how those challenges can manifest as low self-esteem, self-doubt, unhealthy personal boundaries, and struggles in maintaining a holistically healthy lifestyle.

All her life, people attempted to ‘normalize’ her, to keep her existence small. They felt uncomfortable, triggered, and even challenged to explore themselves by the BIG energy she so gloriously carries within herself. And, rather than acknowledge the similar energy inside of themselves, they took it upon themselves to tone her down instead. If this story of soul suffocation sounds familiar to you, Erin can help.

It was physically and emotionally painful for her not to be able to make a difference in the world the way she envisioned, which led her on an adventure. She sought out the parts of herself that had been stifled and lost over the years, and her journey has brought her HERE.

After returning from her travels, Erin began to explore art as a way to support clients in reconnecting with themselves, expressing and processing their experiences, as well as creating and maintaining personal boundaries to enhance their self-worth. Due to both her personal and educational experiences, she is able to bring the special gifts of compassion and empathy into her practice, and confidently guides clients into remembering who they are, that all the answers are within the self, and just how to tap into that truth.

It is an honour for Erin to support her clients in showing up fully in this world, reclaiming the parts of themselves others have tried to tame, and owning their gifts in a way that changes the world!