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What is Expressive Arts Coaching?

Expressive Arts Coaching is a journey in which we use the creative process to better understand, and explore the depths of who we are.

It is a place where the emotions, experience, and body are given a voice, and allows that voice to be expressed as an invitation to integrate healing, leaving you feeling whole once again.

There are many creative forms, materials, and approaches that can be used to explore emotion, memories, and the somatic experience. Where the focus of art creation is on product, Expressive Arts Coaching focuses on the process of being creative, and the release through the art itself, rather than the production of art.

Individual sessions with me are a safe, nurturing, and non-judgemental space of playful self-exploration and discovery of what will help you thrive. As I guide you through simple, yet inspiring, exercises, you are led to uncover aspects of your creative self that you may have long forgotten, or not even known existed in the first place.

Expressive Arts Coaching is for EVERYONE. Even, and sometimes especially, those who say they are not creative. Come see for yourself. I have a feeling you might surprise yourself.

What Kinds of Creative Expression are Involved?

  1. Visual Arts: painting, drawing, collage, mask making, mixed media, comic strip creation, mandalas, and much more.

  2. Creative Writing: poetry, journaling, short stories, stream of consciousness, memoir writing, haiku, affirmations/mantras, etc

  3. Musical Expression: singing, sound healing, drumming, listening to music, etc

  4. Movement: dance, yoga, bi-lateral movements, mirroring, nature walks, puddle stomping, breath work, etc

  5. Drama: storytelling, improv, theatre games, role playing, etc

Who is Expressive Arts Coaching for?

Expressive Arts Coaching is for anyone looking to expand their awareness of themselves, and move through obstacles to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and desires.

It is an opportunity for people to reconnect to their joy through connection and expression of their inner child.

Not only does Expressive Arts Coaching help you find the answers regarding the most important aspects of your life, (relationship with self and others, career, life purpose, parenting, etc), it helps you see that those answers come from within yourself, and that the key to living a life in connection with that piece of yourself, you need to learn to trust it.